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What I'm Loving Lately: Mini-reviews

I've been lacking in blogging motivation of late so thought I'd do a bits and pieces post. My life at the moment seems to revolve around work and waiting impatiently for the next Game of Thrones episode (that's not even an exaggeration, don't know how I'm going to cope after next week) but other than that, here's what I've been loving lately...

My Book... Lady Chatterley's Lover

Yes, really. I was curious, okay! And I'm actually really enjoying it. It was in the classics section of the library so I shouldn't be surprised that it's well written, but I was expecting Mills and Boon type trashiness for some reason. There's not much plot, in all honesty, but there's a lot more to the characters than I expected, especially Mellors. All the stuff about class is interesting and I've not been too cringed out by the sex scenes (yet). [Edit: okay, I've got to the cringey bits now. Can definitely see why this book was banned.] The big c…

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