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Sansa and Arya update: Our babies all grown up!

Last august we welcomed two new additions into our family - kittens, Sansa and Arya. Now those kittens have turned into cats, and although I miss how tiny and sweet they were (see here!) I really don't miss the stress. Seriously, people say getting a puppy is the best way to prepare you for kids, but I'd recommend kittens all the way. Dogs don't get so much freedom, but with cats there comes a moment where you have to let them out in the big wide world, all on their own, and try not to worry yourself sick. They could get run over, or attacked by a big dog or another cat - the possibilities for worry are endless. We were stressed enough letting them upstairs (what if they fell through the banisters? Or drowned in the toilet??) and although they're nearly one now, we still get panicked if they're not back in the house by a certain time. Seriously, I don't know how parents do it.

Sansa (above)

Arya (above)

They've passed some big milestones this year. First Ch…

Teaser Tuesday: Richard didn't do it!!

(Note: Title not a spoiler! Just my humble opinion :p You pretty much know what this book's going to be going in, and nothing's proved anyway. )

Time for another 'Teaser Tuesday', hosted by Miz B at 'Books and a Beat'. (To join in, turn to a random page of your most recent read and post two teaser sentences - no spoilers please! Leave your link in the comments over at Books and a Beat.)

On saturday the BBC showed the last installment of The Hollow Crown, a series made up of Shakespeare's history plays. They finished on a high with Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard the III, and although I don't know the play (apart from what I've picked up from references in other things - Ballet Shoes, The King's Speech, whatever) I tuned in for Benedict. Not that I'm a Cumberbitch or anything, but I was interested. Overall I thought he was great and the play was better than I was expecting - faster moving than the other Hollow Crown episodes I did watch (Rich…

Favourite Time-slip Adventures

I was in HMV a while back, when my friend handed me Kate and Leopold. We were scouring the cheap DVDs and here was one I hadn't seen before. An early 2000's romantic comedy with Meg Ryan? With a young Hugh Jackman as her leading man? She's a modern career woman and he's a 19th century gentleman who falls through a portal in time? Why hadn't I seen this film?!! Probably because it's terrible, I concluded. But I bought it anyway and last week I finally got around to watching it. At first it was terrible - but enjoyably, laugh-out-loud terrible. And then I got into the story and it actually turned out to be pretty good. Kate and Leopold might be fluff but the (great) cast take it seriously and turn what should be Movies24 level fare into something better.  
Anyway, if nothing else it made me realise that I love a good time-slip drama, so I've brought some of my favourites together in this list. 

Back to the Future

Time slip or time travel - is there a differen…

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I read on a whim...

Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic is books I've picked up on a whim. I'm not that spontaneous when it comes to books, usually I'll only buy something new if there's a film adaptation coming up, if someone recommends something or I think it's about time I read x famous book. I'm a big re-reader, if you haven't guessed.  Occasionally though, a pretty cover or a fun premise will grab my eye, and below are some of the results:

Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby

Well, really I picked this up because I caught  the film on TV last week (the original with Colin Firth, not the baseball one) but I was curious to see how Nick Hornby had adapted his football fan memoir into a fictional film. Considering I know very little about football (and if I did I'd be a Liverpool supporter) I enjoyed reading about his obsession with Arsenal. Look out for a review soon!

Longbourn by Jo Baker

Pride and Prejudice as told by the servants, this sounded fun. It was to begin with, but the chara…

What I'm Watching: Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders returned to BBC2 last week and after last night's episode I can already feel the obsession taking hold of me again. I first jumped on the bandwagon last year, marathoning the box-set of seasons one and two, and fast became a fan of the Shelby family and their exploits. Or of watching them anyway - they're obviously not the best role models. Set in Birmingham amidst the aftermath of World War I, the show follows notorious gangsters the 'Peaky Blinders', so called for their trademark peaked caps with sewn in razorblades. Thomas Shelby is head of the gang and head of his family - and I hope that cough in the first episode wasn't a plot point, because Peaky Blinders would be nothing without its protagonist.

In series one, Tommy (Cillian Murphy) returned from the trenches with an impressive war record, a touch of post-traumatic stress and fewer morals than he left with. His aunt Polly (Helen McRory) kept the business running while the men were away, but n…

The Most Underrated Best Bits of a Night Out

Had my first night in town for aaages at the weekend, when we we headed out to Liverpool for my cousin's birthday. Since this blog seems to be turning into reviews, reviews, reviews, I thought I'd change things up a bit and talk about those bits of going 'out out' that no one thinks to praise. It's easy to rave about making new friends in the ladies or discovering a great new place - but you should never underestimate the simpler pleasures - like that feeling when your heels come off!

1.When that awkward first hour is out of the way

Those early stages of a party or pre-drinks - waiting for people to arrive, trying not to worry about how cold it'll be outside, sitting tentatively on the edge of a friend's sofa sipping your first drink of the night - is kind of awkward. It's like the warm up, and even with people you know really well there'll probably be a bit of tentative small-talk. But soon the conversation warms up (or the alcohol kicks in) and yo…

The Jungle Book: 1967 vs 2016

So, I finally went to see The Jungle Book. I'm not sold on the idea behind these live-action re-makes (although I did like Cinderella) but this one exceeded my expectations. In fact, it was the best film I've seen at the cinema in a very long time. Having recently compared Anastasia (1997) to its live-action incarnation (here) I thought I might start a bit of a series!

The original Jungle Book is one of Disney's best-loved animated classics and the last one to be personally supervised by Walt Disney himself. Very loosely based on Rudyard Kipling's novel, it tells the story of an orphaned boy raised by wolves in the jungles of India, who discovers that he's being hunted by Shere Khan the tiger and so is compelled to return to the 'man-village.' Featuring a loveable cast of animal heroes and villains, including Bagheera the panther, Kaa the snake, King Louie the orang-utan and (most people's favourite) Baloo the bear, it's a simple, lively story with…